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Bleeding Heart for pots

13 results

13  results

A selection of compact Bleeding Hearts, suitable for pot cultivation, to bring a romantic and bucolic touch to terraces or balconies. The Dicentra spectabilis 'Alba' is ideal for fairly wide pots, with its heart-shaped flowers in bright white that stand out against its light green foliage. The atmosphere it creates is peaceful and serene. On the other hand, the Dicentra 'Valentine' distinguishes itself with its crimson red flowers gracefully hanging above its blue-green foliage, attracting attention. If you are looking for a more discreet, yet charming plant, you will be seduced by the Dicentra formosa 'Aurora'. Its white to pinkish flowers harmonise perfectly with its dense foliage, and this variety has a great effect in small pots or large planters at the base of larger plants. We offer many other little gems in this selection. For successful cultivation of these Bleeding Hearts in pots, use a substrate rich in humus and organic matter, well-drained, and moist. Partial shade or a slightly sunny location ensures optimal flowering. 

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