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3  results


Boykinia major belongs to the family Saxifragaceae and is native to North America. It grows in alpine meadows, understorey vegetation and damp shaded woodlands. It has a bushy habit, reaching a height of 70 cm (28in) and a spread of 30 cm (12in). Flowering occurs in July in loose panicles, measuring 8 to 10 cm (3 to 4in) in length, composed of numerous small white flowers with yellow centres, each shaped like elongated bells. The leaves, which are deciduous, are dark green. This plant spreads slowly through an underground rootstock and can live for a long time in one place when it is happy.

Boykinia major particularly likes humus-rich soils that are not too chalky and always moist. It is quite hardy, at least down to -15°C (5°F).

Boykinia major will find its place in slightly wild areas and damp woodland in the garden, among hostas, ferns, and Thalictrum. It will thrive on the banks of water features, ponds, and marshes, where it is often found in the wild.

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