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Annual Verbena

41 results

41  results


The Garden Verbenas or Verbena x hybrida is a beautiful and highly floriferous plant that forms spreading clumps up to 60 cm (24in) wide with very colourful flowering. Ideal for borders, flower beds, containers, and hanging baskets. These hybrid Verbenas are ground-cover plants with ovate, dentate, rough foliage and clusters of small flowers, sometimes with white buds resembling pompons. 250 species come in white, pink, red, blue, and violet shades. For example, our Estrella Verbenas, very floriferous and semi-trailing, are ideal for containers with a selection of white, pink, blue, and lilac colors. Garden Verbenas, perennial plants grown as annuals, prefer fertile, light soils enriched with compost in sunny locations. A good geranium potting mix and a weekly liquid fertiliser are preferable in pots. Water generously in summer. Cuisine: These plants are edible but not commonly used as such. It is better to use officinal or lemon verbena for infusions.

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