Variegated Agapanthus

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3  results


Our variegated Agapanthus: Real balls of light! Agapanthus 'Silver Moon', or 'Golden Drop', develop variegated leaves of white or cream yellow that form a setting for their blue umbel flowers in summer. These varieties have the advantage of being remarkably decorative outside of flowering, even in winter for the semi-evergreen ones like the cultivar 'Tinkerbell'. One of the most stunning is undoubtedly Agapanthus Blue Panache 'Baraga', a very recent variety whose evergreen leaves, particularly wide, bordered with white, resemble those of a Phormium. With their exotic charm flowering, these Agapanthus are among the most beautiful perennials of summer. The floral stems, ranging from 40cm (16in) to over 1m (3ft) in height, dominate a tuft of bright foliage that will be, depending on the varieties, deciduous or evergreen. Agapanthus are also plants of South African origin, eager for sun and warmth, and therefore more or less resistant to frost. They are preferably cultivated in the ground or in pots depending on the regions. Over time, Agapanthus clumps will become more and more generous, and their presence in the garden or on the terrace is comparable to that of a beautiful bush.


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