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Pluot trees

4 results

4  results


The pluot, or plum-apricot, is a very tasty but still rare fruit on our shelves. However some of its varieties such as 'Flavor Candy' or 'Flavor Supreme' can now be found in specialised nurseries. It is a hybrid fruit tree, resulting from cross-breeding carried out in the U.S.A in the 1980s between a plum tree, which represents about 3/4 of its genetic heritage, and an apricot tree. Resembling more of a plum in appearance, the pluot contains a delicious, sweet and highly fragrant flesh. The bush blooms in spring, and its fruits are harvested when ripe from June to August-September depending on the varieties. It maintains modest proportions, well suited to small gardens. Like many fruit trees, the pluot appreciates deep and fertile soils, as well as a very sunny site.


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