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10  results


Ophiopogon or Mondo grass is a pretty perennial with the appearance of a small grass, and yet it does not belong to that family. This perennial gradually forms beautiful and evergreen unique groundcover in mild winter regions, in shaded areas of the garden, even in dry shade under trees.

Its often dark, even black, and very architectural foliage, which is brightened up by pretty little pastel-coloured bells in summer, brings a refined and elegant touch to all types of gardens, whether they are contemporary or a more informal in style.

The colours of the foliage are as astonishing as they are spectacular, ranging from the green-yellow Ophiopogon to the black Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens', passing through variegated shades with Ophiopogon japonicus and Ophiopogon jaburan.

Hardy and carefree, plant your Ophiopogons in well-draining, humus-rich, and slightly acidic soil.

Architectural, exotic, and very colourful, it grows easily both in pots and in the ground, bordering flower beds or in a shaded rockery.

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