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Non-invasive Japanese Anemones

10 results

10  results


Our selection of non-invasive Japanese Anemones. Prized for their graceful autumn flowering, Japanese anemones can sometimes be invasive with their wandering rootstocks. However, there are less exuberant varieties, such as 'Satin Doll Rose' or the hybrid anemones from the 'Pretty Lady' series ('Susan', 'Maria' 'Diana' and 'Emily') that form neat clumps without colonising the entire garden. The colour palette is the same as that of other Japanese anemones: it includes white and a wide variety of pink shades, from the softest to the deepest with Japanese Anemone 'Fantasy Red Riding Hood'. The flowers can be single or double. Ideal for small spaces, these anemones are also perfect in flower pots. Discover all those that stay in place!

These perennials grow easily in all types of soils as long as they remain moist during the flowering period. 

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