Campanula for borders

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28  results


Our Campanulas for your flowerbeds. Tall campanulas, such as C. lactiflora, as well as medium varieties like the peach-leaved campanula (Campanula persicifolia), are essential perennials for bringing life to natural, rustic, or romantic flowerbeds. With their abundant flowering throughout the summer and long stems adorned with blue, mauve, pink, or white bell-shaped flowers, they can be easily incorporated into the most beautiful floral compositions, from the garden to the home. In a natural garden, invite the Rapunzel campanula, a native species with long 80 cm stems covered in pastel flowers that bloom in the summer. Rediscover the gauntlet campanula, also known as the blue nettle, which is nearly as tall as the previous one, with slightly drooping blue-violet flowers. Perfect for beginner gardeners, it returns every year without requiring much attention. An excellent cut flower, the Chime bellflower is a spectacular biennial plant that produces large bell-shaped flowers in a pure blue-violet colour at the beginning of summer, on 80 cm stems. Ideal for the back of flowerbeds, the floral spikes of the pyramidal bellflower (C. pyramidalis) can reach a height of over 1 m. It is also a very robust biennial plant and easily self-seeds in rocky soils. Discover all our campanulas for flowerbeds below.


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