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4  results


Zelkova is a genus that includes 6 species of deciduous trees from the Ulmaceae family; these plants are very close to elms. The Zelkova is native to southern Europe and Asia. Their size varies between 2-3m (7-10ft) in height for Zelkova sicula (Sicilian), or up to 35 m (115ft) in height for Zelkova carpinifolia, the Caucasian Elm.

More suitable for the size of our gardens, today we can find dwarf cultivars such as Goblin, with the appearance of a bonsai, not exceeding 1.50 m (5ft). It is a majestic tree, appreciated for its beautiful autumn colours, its hardiness and its resistance to Dutch Elm Disease. Its leaves resemble those of Hornbeams (Carpinus), they are dentate, pointed, smaller and more slender than those of the Elm. Depending on the type, Zelkova can form a beautiful shade tree or a choice subject for an urban garden. It thrives in cool, humus-rich, clayey soils.

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