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Buddleja davidii / Butterfly bush

51 results

51  results


Buddleia davidii are beautiful shrubs with long summer flowering, whose sweet honey scent irresistibly attracts many butterflies, as well as bees. Buddleja davidii, or the Summer Lilac, is the most well-known of the large tribe of buddleias. This botanic species, classified as invasive, has given rise to many cultivars of all sizes through hybridisation, with flowering in shades of lilac, mauve, violet, pink, red, purple, and even white. These new sterile varieties, that do not produce viable seeds or any seeds at all, do not have invasive characteristics. Their size varies from 3.50 m (11ft) in height for the tallest to 50 cm (20in) in all directions for the dwarf selections. Among the best varieties to plant in a hedge, we can mention 'Black Knight' in dark violet, 'Royal Red' in intense reddish purple, 'Pink Delight' in bright pink, 'Empire Blue' in bright bluish violet with an orange eye, and the magnificent hybrid buddleia 'Lochinch' that blooms in June and again in September. Intermediate-height varieties like 'Purple Emperor' (purple violet) or 'Marbled White' with white flowers fit easily into a border or a small garden. For container or pot cultivation, horticulturists have created very floriferous dwarf butterfly bushes such as 'White Chip' or 'Micro Chip' that do not exceed 60 cm (24in). Discover 'High Five Purple' Buddleja, adorable with its astonishing double flowers which are a beautiful mauve colour, illuminated by a small orange eye.

Buddleia davidii are among the easiest flowering shrubs to grow! They thrive in the sun in any well-drained soil, even chalky soil. With rapid growth, they quickly form beautiful flowering plants, provided they are pruned short at the end of winter! Whether in isolation or grouped, in informal hedges with other shrubs, in large romantic pots, or in sunny beds, these Butterfly Bushes adapt to all gardens and small spaces. They also make beautiful and fragrant summer bouquets.


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