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Garden Chrysanthemum

28 results

28  results


Our range of Garden Chrysanthemums or autumn daisies for outdoor use. Hardy perennials, suitable for growing in open ground down to -12°C (10.4°F), these queens of autumn are called Chrysanthemum x rubellum 'Clara Curtis', 'Julia', 'Goldmarianne' or 'Poesie'. The range of colours is very wide with these plants, ranging from white to violet and including shades of pink, red and mauve, not to mention yellow, salmon and all shades of orange up to caramel and copper. Their size varies from 50 cm (20in) to 1 m (3ft) in height depending on the variety. Often associated with bereavement and the decoration of graves, chrysanthemums are loved for their generous and late flowering, so precious for enlivening the last days of autumn.

Some delicate varieties, called florist chrysanthemums, are most often grown as annuals in flower pots. But garden chrysanthemums, being hardy, prove to be excellent bedding plants. They are easy-to-grow perennials in the ground. They like the sun and rich, light soils and are more sensitive to excess water than to temporary drought.


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