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Strobilanthes attenuata is a beautiful perennial ground cover that is easy to cultivate. Perfectly hardy, comfortable even in depleted soil under the cover of bushes, it forms fairly tall herbaceous clumps adorned with dense spikes of tubular flowers in a beautiful blue-violet colour, from late summer until the first frost. They bloom above abundant oval, strongly veined and villous foliage, which takes on beautiful colours in autumn. Adapting well to the sun in cool climates, this deciduous plant of Himalayan origin generally prefers partial shade or shade. This plant spreads in width through lateral stems that produce roots, as if they were spontaneously layering themselves.

Strobilanthes penstemonoides forms superb bushes (1m (3ft) in height) with oval, finely toothed leaves in a beautiful bright green colour. Towards the end of the season, it is covered in blue-mauve flowers, as large as those of hybrid Penstemons, and becomes truly spectacular. Easy to grow, Strobilanthes penstemonoides thrives in partial shade, in any rich and moist soil, although it tolerates dry shade very well. Hardy up to -12°C (10.4°F), it enjoys warm and sheltered exposures.



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