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Platycodon - Balloon Flower

9 results

9  results


Platycodons are perennial plants belonging to the Campanulaceae family. The only species in this genus, Platycodon grandiflorus, is a semi-tuberous perennial native to Japan, China, Korea, and eastern Siberia.

Whether it's a delicate blue like 'Mariesii', thanks to the translucent texture of its corollas, or a porcelain white, sometimes pink like 'Fuji Pink' or 'Perlsmutterschale', this plant is actually a beautiful campanulate flower that blends well in well-groomed flower beds, in semi-shade. This plant sometimes takes several years to establish itself and does not like to be disturbed. It goes well with hostas and ferns, in rich and well-drained soil, sheltered from winter humidity that makes it disappear.


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