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Toona - Chinese Mahogany

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2  results


Our range of Toona. The Toona sinensis, also known as Chinese cedar or Chinese mahogany, is the leader of this group of interesting Chinese trees for their fast growth, elegant foliage, and graceful silhouette. Among the flagship varieties are Toona sinensis 'Flamingo', with its tender pink foliage in spring, and Toona sinensis 'Green Mile', renowned for its fast growth and lush green foliage. 'Flamingo' charms with its leaves that turn light green in summer, while 'Green Mile' offers refreshing shade and a majestic appearance all year round.

Chinese cedar is a great alternative to the tree of heaven, as it does not have its invasive character. Its pinnate foliage spreads at the top of a slender trunk covered with gray and fissured bark, whose resinous aroma evokes that of cedarIt is a beautiful avenue tree that also makes a stunning specimen to plant in a large garden. To succeed in its cultivation, it should be planted in a sunny location, in fertile and moist soil, sheltered from cold winds, under a temperate climate.

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