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4  results


Halimium commutatum, sometimes called  transfored Halime or yellow Halime, is a shrub native to the Mediterranean basin. It is, therefore, perfectly adapted to dry conditions and poor soils. It is covered in spring with a multitude of small flowers in bright yellow cups, before the arrival of summer heat. Its flowers only last for a day, but they renew themselves for a month, emerging from a thick dark green foliage. This sturdy plant is capable of penetrating the rocky ground of scrub vegetation with its deep roots to draw its strength. Provide it with a dry slope or a rock garden with plenty of stones or sand, plenty of sunlight, and a sheltered area of the garden. But it can also be grown in large pots, with proper drainage and abundant but infrequent watering in summer, allowing the substrate to dry out completely between waterings.

Halimium is actually a pioneering plant linked to fire ecology. In nature, the germination of its seeds is triggered by intense and short-lived heat associated with wildfires. They quickly colonize devastated areas, providing shelter for other plants under their branches. Over time, these shrubs are eventually replaced by taller bushes that shade them from the sun.

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