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3  results


The Francoas are little-known Chilean perennials and are rarely used in our gardens. This plant forms a basal rosette of slightly tough undulate leaves, from which solid stems emerge in summer, bearing majestic spikes of bicoloured flowers, pale pink, with a throat punctuated with bright pink. These highly prized flowers in floral art can also create magnificent borders. Like saxifrages, this slightly frost-sensitive plant is well suited to alpine greenhouses and thrives in sheltered, partially shaded positions in well-drained, moist and humus-rich soil.

The Francoas can withstand temperatures of around -10 to -12°C (14 to 10.4°F) if the soil is dry in winter for a short period. Francoas can be planted in full sun or partial shade to create beautiful borders along pathways or in front of perennial and annual flowerbeds. They can also be grown in pots, protecting them from winter rains and ensuring their longevity.

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