Arbutus - Strawberry tree

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The Arbutus or Strawberry Tree is a small evergreen tree native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean. It is also known as the Strawberry Tree due to the resemblance of its edible but not particularly tasty berries to strawberries. Its beautiful flowering, in clusters of bell-shaped flowers, white in the case of the Arbutus unedo, or pink in the case of the Roselily Arbutus, is a reminder of its heritage - the Ericaceae family. The bush is particularly ornamental in autumn and winter when its branches are adorned with beautiful glossy leaves, clusters of flowers, and tempting red berries that have ripened over the course of a year. The Arbutus andrachne bush has a new coloured bark in spring, soft and smooth like new skin. This bush can grow well in areas that are not too cold, in soil that drains well and stays dry in summer, and without too much limestone. Continental gardeners or those without a garden can opt for varieties with moderate growth, such as Compacta, which is well-suited for container gardening.  

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