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Livistonias, commonly known as fan palms or fountain palms, are magnificent plants originating from hot and humid regions of Australia and Asia that are most often cultivated indoors, in hot greenhouses or conservatories. While the amateur gardener is familiar with the Livistonia rotundifolia, a superb tropical palm appreciated for its large luxuriant fronds, other species such as Livistonia australis and L. chinensis, capable of withstanding some light frosts, can be acclimatised in very mild gardens. These palms are characterised by long spiny petioles bearing large circular, tough and pleated fronds, arranged in a fan shape. On mature plants, cream-coloured panicles of flowers emerge between the leaves in spring or summer. While they can grow into large trees in their native lands, Livistonas cultivated in containers under our climates grow slowly, rarely forming 'trunks' and maintaining modest dimensions of around 2 m in height and 1 m in width. 


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