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Variegated Philadelphus

2 results

2  results


These Mock oranges, poets' jasmine or Philadelphus with variegated white or yellow foliage are remarkable for two reasons. Firstly for their white flowering in June, often very fragrant, and secondly, their luminous foliage which adds charm even outside of the flowering period. In this category, we find the Philadelphus coronarius Variegatus, a sublime variegated version of the famous Philadelphus coronarius, whose white flowering with the scent of orange blossom explodes on magnificent light green foliage edged with cream. There is also the Lemoine hybrid Philadelphus lemoinei Innocence, a fantastic, highly fragrant mock orange with surprisingly dark green foliage splashed with cream, yellow, and gold. These bushes are perfect for bringing light and whimsy to partially shaded areas of the garden.

The Mock orange is a hardy bush with rustic charm, resistant to drought and diseases, which will thrive in any ordinary soil - it is almost foolproof. Variegated varieties are sensitive to intense sunlight and prefer partial shade, where they will reveal their full splendour.


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