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Dwarf Spiraea

9 results

9  results


A selection of dwarf Spiraea suitable for planting in borders, small spaces, and pots. These are small bushes less than 60 cm (24in) tall, naturally compact and rounded in habit. Among them, many Japanese Spireas such as 'Little Princess'Spiraea japonica 'Nana', and 'Odessa' which forms a cushion of 35 cm (14in) in height. These Japanese Spireas bloom in summer, in the form of bouquets in shades of pink or, rarely, in white. The 'Double Play' series of Spireas, like 'Big Bang', are compact, colourful, and floriferous. There are also several dwarf selections in Spiraea betulifolia, the birch-leaved Spirea, with white spring flowers: 'Tor' and its golden foliage version 'Gold Tor' for example. With their compact and low habit, these bushes are perfect for forming the framework of a perennial bed or creating large borders. Combine them with Caryopterisgroundcover roses, dwarf abelias, etc. Small-sized Spireas are also perfect as groundcovers in front of shrub beds or along pathways. They will grow well in containers or planters along with perennial geraniums on your terraces and balconies.



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