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Hedge shrubs A to Z

1264 results

1264  results


The bushes for hedges from A to Z, from A like Abelia to Z like Zenobia, passing through E like Elaeagnus or P like Photinia, gather numerous species and varieties, with evergreen or deciduous foliage, whose size can vary from one to over five metres in height. The role of a hedge can be to enclose the garden, create a windbreak screen, highlight other plants, compartmentalize the garden, guide the gaze and steps, erase an unaesthetic neighbourhood, attenuate noise, etc. A hedge can be pruned or left to grow freely. For each use, there is a wide range of plants, the most well-known being, for example, hawthorns, lilacs, or even the palmate laurel.

You will find in our range a wide choice including the great classics, but also lesser-known shrubs or ones that may not necessarily come to mind, which will allow you to personalize your hedge. We also offer themes such as colourful foliage hedges, fruit-bearing and tasty hedges, low-maintenance hedges, defensive hedges, seasonal hedges, bamboo hedges, and many more, to guide you in your choice. We have also designed regional hedges because you don't necessarily plant the same things in different climates. You will also discover our hedge kits, our affordable prices, and as always, all our advice to succeed in your plantings.

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