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Georges Delbard Roses

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33  results


The Georges Delbard rose gardens, in the grand tradition of roses, have been among the internationally renowned rose growers since 1935: "It's a Delbard!", sometimes said with pride tinged with emotion when referring to a vigorous rose bush Centenaire de Lourdes Rose, which faithfully flowers for decades with almost no care in an old garden. Or again: "My rose Camaïeu delcapo' is still in bloom under the snow!" How can we forget the fragrance of the Climbing Nahéma, with its generous baby pink flowers that perfume from May until the frosts?

A beautiful reward for this demanding producer-creator who strives to combine quality and innovation with a desire always to surprise and delight. Large-flowered roses, cluster-flowered roses, roses for their scent or style, ground cover roses, border roses, and climbing roses are all varieties to choose from to flower and perfume your garden or terrace. The 'Roses des peintres', 'Rose du coeur', 'Roses royales', 'Les Grands Parfums' and so many other Delbard collections have been created with passion over the years by the Delbard establishment in a vast 600-hectare domain in Malicorne (Allier). Discover our selection!

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