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Hellebore A to Z

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171  results


Hellebores are perennial plants that stands out by offering a richly coloured flowering in the middle of winter. The earliest ones start blooming in November and the latest ones finish in April. The Christmas Rose (Helleborus niger), which offers beautiful white flowers sometimes tinged with pink, is the most well-known species. But there is also the Corsican Hellebore, with yellow-green flowers and beautiful dentate foliage, surprisingly resistant to sunlight and drought. And the Stinking Hellebore, which can be found in the wild in Europe.

Naturally adapted to winter, it is a very hardy perennial, often up to -15 ° C. It requires a rich, moist, but well-drained soil. And it thrives in semi-shaded conditions. Planted at the base of deciduous trees or bushes, it will bring a splash of colour and almost make us forget about winter! It is decorative both with its flowers and its evergreen foliage.

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