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Plant Guarantee

At Promesse de Fleurs, we have been standing by our commitments since 1950.

We carefully select the finest garden plants for you, chosen for their beauty and resilience. Each plant is individually inspected and meticulously packaged in protective casings.

Your plants are delivered on the date of your choice within 24 to 48 hours from our greenhouses in Houplines, northern France. It is for all these reasons that we guarantee that each of our plants will establish successfully and grow healthily.

We guarantee the quality of our plants throughout a complete growth cycle and  will replace, at our cost, any plant that fails to thrive under normal climate and planting conditions.

What to do if you’re unsure on recipe of your delivery?

A few broken twigs on a shrub or damaged tips of clematis stems are inconsequential: your plant will recover from such minor damage in a matter of weeks.

Our basic advice is to plant the product(s) received according to the instructions provided and wait a few days. If, after a few days, the condition of the plant remains stable or appears to be worsening, contact us by clicking here or via the Chatbox at the bottom right of this page.

If a plant arrives severely damaged due to a transport issue, such as a broken trunk or main branch of a shrub, a climber snapped near the base, or a perennial arriving dried up when it should be in growth, contact us by clicking here or via the Chatbox at the bottom right of this page.

What happens next?

We will ask you a few brief questions to try and identify the problem:

In the case of a serious problem, we will replace or refund the affected plant.

In the case of delayed growth, we will typically request that you patiently monitor whether the plant becomes established over a few weeks, especially for late-growing varieties.

In the case of a minor issue, we will advise you to plant the product and observe how it evolves, with the option to contact us again after a few days if the problem persists.

In nearly all cases, we trust our customers and refund or replace the defective plant without any dispute. Very occasionally, we may ask the customer for a photo as evidence of their claim, but this is done only when everything suggests that the plant was not grown or stored under normal conditions by the customer.

What is the process for replacements?

We handle the process of returning the plant within a maximum of five days. You needn't do or pay anything - we take care of everything.

How are refunds processed?

We process refunds using the payment method used for placing the order. We typically process refunds within 24 hours, with a commitment to a maximum of five working days.

What if there is an unresolved dispute?

It is extremely rare that we would decline refunding or providing an exchange to a customer; the number of such cases in a year can be counted on one hand, and they would only arise when we deem the claim entirely unfounded. In such cases, we apply an extended legal right to return the product(s) to one month: you can thus return a package to us for a refund without justification up to 30 days from the date of receipt of your order. The refund is then processed within a maximum of 5 working days.

We only deliver seed and bulb products to your country. If you add other products to your basket, they cannot be shipped.