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The aprium is an unusual and delicious fruit from complex cross-breeding carried out in the USA in the early 1980s between plum trees and apricot trees. Still little known to French gardeners, it has a sweet and flavorful taste and deserves to be planted in our orchards or a fruit hedge. The fruit resembles a small apricot; its dense and firm flesh has a pronounced apricot taste, with pleasant aromas of plum and orange, more or less musky or tangy, depending on the varieties. This fast-growing fruit tree is preferably planted in autumn, in any good garden soil, but in a sunny location. Its fruits are harvested when they are slightly soft and ripe, depending on the climate, in June-July. Fruit production will be improved by a 'Luizet' apricot tree or a 'Bergeron' apricot tree nearby.


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