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The Japanese Andromeda shrubs are bushy plants that can reach heights of 50cm (20in) to 2 meters (7 feet), and they are decorative all year round and easy to grow. Also known as Pieris Japonica, they have evergreen lanceolate leaves that turn red in spring before becoming green. Depending on the variety, the white or pink flowers grow in clusters from February to June. Originally from Japan, Andromeda bushes thrive in acidic soil and prefer partial shade, sheltered from cold winds or against a west-facing wall. They are known to be very hardy and drought-resistant but it is advisable to mulch the base and water during dry spells. Pruning involves cutting back one-third of all branches that have bloomed to encourage the growth of new colorful leaves. Pieris plants are used in flower beds, borders, or woodlands, accompanied by heathers, rhododendrons, and camellias. They can also be grown in containers on a terrace or balcony. 

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