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6  results


Knautia macedonica or Knauties are also called Scabious (Sacabiosa rumelica). These perennial plants, native to the Balkans, are therefore scabious. They form a spreading and diffuse clump with long, slender stems that constantly branch out, reaching a height of 70 to 80 cm (28 to 32in). The dark red nectar-rich flowers appear from June until the first frost, making these plants particularly interesting. To stimulate flowering, it is recommended to remove faded flowers. These plants are easy to grow, they adapt to all types of well-drained and sunny soil. They will enhance borders, edges, and rockeries where the color of the flowers will contrast with light-colored flowering plants. They can be easily propagated by dividing clumps or sowing. With fast growth, they are perfect for Mediterranean or dry gardens.


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