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Daisy seeds

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6  results


The daisies (Leucanthemum, chrysanthemum, Callistephus sinensis), these flowers inseparable from the cottage gardens that were always present in our grandmothers' bouquets, need no introduction. Belonging to the asteraceae family, they are perennial plants (Leucanthemum), biennial or annual (China aster) without worry. With their flowers in variably-shaped heads, daisies bring the garden to life from summer to autumn, depending on the species and varieties. There are daisies of all sizes, and their diverse colours do not stop at the white surrounding a yellow centre. Daisies are sown in May, under cold frames or directly in the ground. Although they are no longer in the spotlight, they remain highly decorative plants that bloom for months if you take care to remove faded flowers. Even just for bouquets, sow them in the vegetable garden to obtain a profusion of flowers. Find our daisy seeds in these pages.


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