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Yellow Helleborus

21 results

21  results


The yellow-flowered hellebores, such as the hybrids 'Yellow Lady' and 'Yellow Strain' bring remarkable brightness to any winter garden. 'Yellow Lady' boasts bright yellow flowers, while 'Yellow Strain' offers more subtle shades of yellow. There is also the 'Double Jaune' hellebore, with double and undulating yellow flowers, the Helleborus 'foetidus Yellow', luminous with its gorgeous green flowers equipped with golden bracts and its golden yellow leaves, and the Helleborus x hybridus ViV® Lucrezia, reliable and floriferous, easily recognizable by its yellow Anemone-like flowers. All the yellow varieties illuminate and warm up the short winter days, especially balconies and slightly shaded areas of the garden. 

These hellebores thrive in rich, well-drained soil, in partial shade. Regular yet non-execissive watering  and protection against strong winds are important to their health and preserve their beauty.



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