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Plantfit, Promesses de Fleurs’ application for growing suitable plants!


Plantfit is our tailored advice service to help you select the plants best suited to your garden and skills. Plantfit is a practical solution to help you make a success of your planting and to combat plant over-consumption, giving you recommendations equivalent to those of a professional gardener!

Discover your garden and the plants that will readily flourish in it.

We have applied over 500 interactive rules between key garden parameters and the 18,000 plants available on our site to set up the Plantfit algorithm, in order to give you the most accurate and tailored advice possible.


Take a few minutes to (re)discover your garden by answering our experts’ questions, and use our little help bubbles (i) provided for each step. This is essential for us to provide you with a profile of your garden and then recommend the plants best naturally suited to it.

100% tailored advice

A patented solution, Plantfit is the only application that uniquely models and takes into account the interactions between your garden parameters, your skills and availability, and the success criteria of almost 18,000 varieties of plants, trees, and shrubs.


View the Plantfit advice on each product sheet or filter to only view those suitable for your beds.



Our recommendations are available for ornamental plants. Vegetable plants and fruit trees will follow later.


We only deliver seed and bulb products to your country. If you add other products to your basket, they cannot be shipped.