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Double-flowering Potentilla

7 results

7  results


Our selection of double-flowered shrubby Potentillas. At the top of the list are the Potentilla fruticosa from the recent Double Punch series, including Double Punch 'Gold' with yellow flowers, Double Punch 'Pastel' with shades of white and pink, and 'Cream' with its beautiful almost white cups. In these deciduous and very bushy small shrubs, the colour of the flowers varies from white to yellow and orange, from pink to red, not forgetting white. They flower from May-June to September without anything seeming to disturb them, neither heat nor relative soil dryness. Their size and habit can be that of a dense bush exceeding 1m (3ft) in all directions, but also that of a ground cover of 50cm (20in) spreading over almost 1m (3ft). Hardy and undemanding, Potentillas grow in permeable, poor, well-drained soils, but not too chalky, in sunny or semi-shady positions. Pruning, after flowering, consists of maintaining a rounded habit. Double-flowered Potentillas with their wild rose-like appearance are used in beds, borders, or rockeries. Tip: Plant the varieties with orange, red, or pink flowers in shaded areas, as they fade in the sun.

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