White flowering Spiraea

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21  results


A selection of white-flowered Spirea or Spiraea. These graceful deciduous bushes from the Rosaceae family bloom mostly between April and June. Among the most cultivated in gardens are the species Spiraea arguta, and the varieties Vanhouttei or Grefsheim. The earliest is Spiraea prunifolia Plena, which sometimes blooms as early as March, depending on the year. With long and flexible stems, these bushes are covered in a multitude of tiny white flowers arranged along the branches. Their small leaves often take on beautiful autumn colours before falling. Less known, some cultivars of the Birchleaf Spirea (Spiraea betulifolia) also produce white flowers, but arranged in umbels ('Tor Gold'). There are also a few selections of white-flowered Japanese Spirea (Spiraea japonica) such as 'Albiflora'. Depending on the variety, white Spireas can reach heights between 60 cm (24in) and 2 m (7ft) with a spread of 80 cm (32in) to 2.50 m (8ft). Their graceful and rustic appearance naturally makes them suitable for large flowerbeds or hedgerows. Perfectly hardy and not demanding in terms of soil and climate, white-flowered Spireas grow in ordinary soil, even if it is dry in summer, in full sun or partial shade.


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