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4  results


The Pratia, often known as Pratia pedunculata or Isotoma fluviatilis, is a perennial ground cover plant, it is a very dense plant from the Campanulaceae family. Originally from Australia and New Zealand, Pratia is appreciated for its abundant and bright flowering, made up of a multitude of small star-shaped flowers ranging from dark blue in the 'County Park' variety to pure white in its 'Alba' form. Tolerating occasional trampling, this small vigorous and prolific plant can make a good alternative to grass in light, not too dry soil. Today it is present across many continents, and it can sometimes become invasive. In gardens, it is preferable not to plant it in a rockery where it would quickly smother more delicate alpine or montane plants, such as climbing dwarf conifers. The Pratia pedunculata is a robust and resistant plant, which will adapt to many growing conditions. It tolerates all exposures and all types of soil, from wet to drier, and can withstand temperatures as low as -15°C (5°F). It will temporarily disappear underground in cases of severe frost or prolonged drought. It looks superb between the slabs of a Japanese path, but we also like to plant it in a trough, with spring bulbs or in a pot, to decorate the base of a taller plant.

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