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The Washingtonia is a superb bush that is easy to grow and resistant to cold, down to -8/-10°C in dry soil. This genus has two species, the Washingtonia robusta (the Mexican Bush), native to arid areas of western Mexico, and the Washingtonia filifera (the Skirt Palm), native to southern California and Arizona. These are extremely undemanding plants, well adapted to dry soils and arid conditions. Standing on a single and straight trunk adorned with a skirt of dry and grey leaves, crowned with imposing palm fronds, they display a proud habit. Their small white flowers form pretty bouquets arranged here and there on long curved floral stems emerging widely from the foliage.

The Washingtonia thrive in hot or even torrid climates, but they also withstand short-lived frosts very well, if they have been planted in perfectly drained soil, for example on a gravel mound. They are highly appreciated as border trees by the sea and in mild climates, and are among the most commonly cultivated ornamental palm species. In a favorable climate, they are irreplaceable and prestigious, and they can also be grown elsewhere in a large container, which would need to be stored in a cool, bright and airy place during winter. 

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