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English climbing Roses

4 results

4  results


The English climbing roses are distinguished from the English rambling roses by their large flexible branches, which are easy to train, and their flexible and slender habit. Some of them, particularly vigorous, can reach a height of 4.50m (15ft) (such as 'The Lady of the Lake'  for example), while others, which do not exceed 2.50m (8ft) in height like 'Snow Goose'  can perfectly constitute superb bushes for informal hedges. Unlike old or botanical rambling roses, these hybrid varieties of English climbing roses bloom repeatedly during the summer, sometimes almost continuously, covering arches, pillars, obelisks, pergolas, and trellises with a flowery mantle. They produce clusters of modest-sized flowers, with a rustic appearance, which will also blend happily with the vegetation of small trees or large bushes.  

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