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Easy-grow fruit trees

177 results

177  results


Discover our selection of easy fruit trees, for hungry and beginner gardeners, adaptable to a wide range of soils and climates, resistant to diseases, requiring little pruning and maintenance. In summary, fruit trees and small fruits that are almost foolproof. Indeed, there is nothing more pleasant than biting into the fruit under the tree, making homemade jams, delighting family and friends with delicious compotes and pastries. All while saving some money. Some fruit trees are known to be quite demanding, like the apple tree, the pear tree, and especially the peach tree. However, some old varieties, well adapted to the terroir, provide satisfaction even for non-professional arborists. It is undoubtedly among the "small fruits" of our grandparents' gardens that we will find the most accommodating: currant bushes, blackcurrant bushes, raspberry bushes, garden blackberries, hazelnut bushes, and even some fig trees. We must not forget many free hedgerow shrubs such as the dogwood, the quince tree, the medlar tree, or even the Japanese goumi which produce edible berries, original and interesting for their nutritional qualities. If you want to create an orchard or simply plant some robust fruit trees, or create a small edible hedge in your garden, it is among the following selection that you will find your happiness.

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