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Perennials for a Mediterranean climate

1371 results

1371  results


A selection of perennials adapted to the Mediterranean climate, very dry and hot in summer, quite mild in winter, very humid in autumn. These are plants from the garrigue such as lavenders, thymes and oregano, dry undergrowth plants such as acanthus, but also more exotic species such as gauras or certain convolvulus, grasses from the Stipa group... Though a dry Mediterranean garden is known to be less flowery in summer, which corresponds in these regions to the resting period of plants, the gardener can use the colour of silver foliage and the shape of shrubby perennials such as santolines or lamb's ears (Stachys byzantina) for example. Not forgetting the fragrance, as many species and varieties of dry terrain are also aromatic plants, like Nepeta faassenii. To bring colour to the garden in a very dry summer, also consider gaillardias, California fuchsias...