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5  results


Pseudotsuga are evergreen conifers of the Pinaceae family, which include four main species including Pseudotsuga menziesii, also known as the Oregon Pine or Douglas Fir, the only one cultivated in Europe and used for its wood. These conifers are among the tallest in the world, sometimes reaching over 90 metres (295 feet) in height in their native regions, in North America (Pseudotsuga macrocarpa), China (Pseudotsuga sinensis), or Japan (Pseudotsuga japonica), but have more modest proportions under European climates. They all have flexible and flattened needles, with two white bands on their lower surface, and their foliage has a pleasant scent. Very cold-resistant, pseudotsuga thrive better in cool or cold climates and appreciate moist and deep soil, which can be slightly acidic but not too chalky.

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