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Coloured foliage Berberis

41 results

41  results


A selection of colourful Berberis, decorative Bushes. In addition to the famous Berberis thunbergii 'Atropurpurea', called Purple Barberry, many varieties of Barberry display remarkable foliage: scarlet red in the dwarf barberries 'Lutin Rouge' or 'Red Tower', orange-red in autumn in 'Admiration', or variegated with silver pink on the young shoots of Berberis thunbergii 'Harlequin'. This thorny bush also offers sublime varieties in orange (Berberis (x) thunbergii Orange Ice), lime green or golden like 'Golden Rocket'. There are Barberries with a globose, columnar, bushy or spreading habit, ranging in size from 40 cm (16in) to over 3 m (10ft) in height, allowing for multiple uses. From leaves to berries and flowers, often thorny, the Barberry is a low-maintenance bush that is quite hardy and not demanding in terms of soil. Pruning is limited to shortening the branches after flowering at the level of the young shoots to maintain a nice shape.


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