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3  results


The Glechoma, also known as ground ivy (Glechoma hederacea), ground ivy, common ground ivy or Saint-John's wort, is a creeping perennial plant that is hardy, vigorous and fast-growing, with more or less evergreen leaves. It is perfect for colonizing shady areas of the soil and walls, especially its variegated form, "Variegata", which is very vibrant. Its lovely purple flowering is honey-bearing, and its unique fragrance evokes mint, lemon and humus at the same time. The genus Glechoma, which belongs to the mint family, comprises 12 species of creeping perennials native to Europe, known for their aromatic and medicinal properties, and ideally suited to our climates. The Glechoma hederacea and its varieties are the only ones commonly planted in gardens.

Easy to grow and very hardy, Glechoma is happy with ordinary soil as long as it remains moist. It thrives in both sunny and shaded locations. While it is highly valued as a ground cover, it also looks elegant in pots and hanging baskets, where it cascades beautifully. In woodland areas, we like to combine it with hostas, comfrey, and wood hyacinths. Discover our selection.

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