White Astrantia

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7  results


Our range of Astrantias with white flowers. These are varieties such as Astrantia major 'Alba', a very beautiful variety with white flowers of the great masterwort, as well as horticultural selections such as 'White Giant' and 'Super Star' with flowers from May to October. Astrantias, or Astrantia in Latin, are very beautiful perennial plants of fresh meadows forming small umbels of flowers surrounded by pearly bracts of various colours, intricately cut like jewelry. Among the prettiest white varieties, also discover Astrantia 'Star of Billion' and its white flowers with green tips that bloom for four months. The timeless charm of these perennials operates all summer without requiring much maintenance.

In the garden, they will grow in the middle of the flower bed or at the edge, associated with bellflowers, perennial geraniums, and form magnificent compositions, associated with foxgloves or Heucheras.


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