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Osmonda, royal osmonda (Osmunda regalis) or flowering fern is the most famous and majestic representative of this group of remarkable ferns. This queen of riverbanks and wet places with large bright green or purple fronds also comes in species and varieties of smaller stature, better suited to small urban gardens, such as Osmunda claytoniana, Osmunda cinnamonea, with variegated cinnamon foliage in summer, or the cultivars Osmunda regalis 'Gracilis' or 'Cristata'. If you have space and a consistently moist to wet, fertile, slightly acidic soil, don't hesitate to adopt the royal osmonde, which rivals the beauty of Gunnera in partial shade or full sun. To adorn a small shaded city garden, there are smaller ferns that are certainly less spectacular but absolutely charming. On the other hand, growing them in a pot or a water reservoir is doomed to fail.

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