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Perennial Potentilla

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19  results


Potentilles or Potentillas are perennial plants with abundant flowering from May to September, depending on the species. They are fast-growing, these plants form a compact clump, with deciduous medium green foliage and bright yellow to orange cup-shaped flowers. They are also hardy and highly drought-resistant, they prefer well-drained, permeable, poor soils that are not too chalky, in sunny locations. Theshrub varieties, Potentillas fruticosa, can reach up to 1.5m (5ft) in height, while the perennials remain at 50cm (20in). The latter are used in massifs, borders, or rockeries. Combine them with perennial geraniums or lavenders. Prune after flowering to maintain a rounded shape. Tip: Plant the varieties with orange, red, or pink flowers in shaded areas, as they fade in the sun.

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