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Green Helleborus

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21  results

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The Green-flowered Hellebores, such as Helleborus argutifolius and Helleborus foetidus, are gems of the garden for winter and early spring. The Corsican Hellebore, known for its large pale green flowers and dentate foliage, brings unique texture and colour to the garden between February and March. The Foetid Hellebore, also known as the "Stinking Hellebore", stands out with its clusters of green bells that bloom until April and its finely palmate leaves. Also among the standout varieties, 'Boughton Beauty' captivates with its large, tender green flowers, adding a delicate and refined touch. The Helleborus sternii, an attractive hybrid, offers light green flowers adorned with pink and distinctive silver foliage. The Double Pistachio Green Oriental Hellebore surprises with its double pistachio flowers, bringing unmatched depth and texture to the flowering. It is also worth mentioning the hybrid Christmas Rose 'Double Green Guttatus' which offers double green flowers punctuated with purple spots.

These Hellebores lend themselves to various uses, whether in flower beds, borders, rockeries or even in pots. Their versatility is a major asset. These perennials require well-drained soil and a partially shaded location. They thrive in rich and humus-bearing soil and, once established, withstand summer drought well. Discover them in this selection.


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