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Sorbaria or False Spiraea with Rowan leaves is a deciduous bush that is highly ornamental and belongs to the Rosaceae family. It is fast-growing and hardy, and its delicately cut foliage is beautifully coloured in spring, especially in the cultivars 'Sem' and 'Pink Hopi', as well as its summer flowering in fluffy white panicles.

Native to Siberia (the Ural Mountains) and East Asia (China, Korea, Mongolia, Japan), Sorbaria sorbifolia thrives in temperate regions, where its natural tendency to sucker and spread in moist soil should be moderated. In the wild, it is mainly found on the edge of forests and undergrowth, usually on rich and moist soil, never in arid conditions. In the garden, it is in these conditions where this bush, resembling a large fern, will be most advantageous. Pruning is beneficial to maintain a more compact habit and promote the appearance of beautifully coloured young shoots. Prune after flowering and quite severely at the end of winter.

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