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Tobacco seeds

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15  results


The seeds of Ornamental Tobacco are sown in a nursery, at 18°C (64.4°F), in February or March, in trays, without covering the seeds. Transplant into pots kept under shelter until planting in May. Space the plants 30 to 40cm (12 to 16in) apart. Known as Nicotianas, these are very floriferous plants throughout the summer, easy to cultivate and they bring a touch of fancy to your flowerbeds. They have large, ovate, sticky leaves and very beautiful star-shaped flowers grouped in loose bouquets, sometimes scented. Be careful, the leaves are toxic! These frost-tender perennials are cultivated as annuals in a rich, deep, well-drained soil, with a compost addition at planting and in a semi-shaded position. Overwinter them in pots in a cold greenhouse. Tip: Plant the Tobaccos close together and mix the colours along a pathway or at the edge of a flowerbed to enjoy their gentle fragrance, especially in the evening. 

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