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Hardy Cyclamen

10 results

10  results


The Hardy Cyclamens, renowned for their robustness and winter flowering, are essential in any garden. Among them, Cyclamen coum and the Naples Cyclamen (hederifolium) are known for their easy cultivation in all regions. Cyclamen coum, with its pink or white flowers blooming from January to March, illuminates gardens in winter. Its hardiness and ease of cultivation make it suitable for beginner gardeners. As for Cyclamen hederifolium, it is adored for its autumn flowering and decorative ivy-like marbled foliage in winter. This species is resistant to cold winters as well as dry summers and offers flowers in a tender pink, white, or purple-pink from late summer. Also discover the Cilician Cyclamen, a treasure with its delicately scented small pink flowers and distinct foliage, it also blooms in autumn. There is also Cyclamen pseudibericum with its purple or violet-toned flowers from early spring. Each species and variety has its advantages, but all have a useful resistance to winter conditions. Discover them in this selection.

These cyclamens fit perfectly in flower beds, borders, or rockeries. They are to be grown in well-drained, even quite dry soil, preferably in light shade.


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