Geum with yellow flowers

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12  results


Our range of Yellow Avens or Geums. In this section you will find the common avens Geum urbanum, a pretty medicinal wild plant prized for its long, simple yellow flowering; the river avens Geum rivale 'Lemon Drops' with pale yellow, drooping bell-shaped flowers; and the hybrid Geum 'Tempo Yellow' with yellow silky flowers fading to peach, on purple stems. The flowers are single or double depending on the varieties, in the shape of a cup or bell, sometimes very frizzy as in the Geum chiloense 'Lady Stratheden'. Flowering can be in spring or summer, and more or less prolonged depending on the cultivars. Harking back to cottage gardens, Avens are hardy perennials that are easy to grow in sunny, moist, well-drained and fertile soil.


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