Large bloom Campanula

42 results

42  results


A selection of Campanulas with large flowers. The varieties presented in this category, such as the Campanula medium, also known as the chime bellflower, are prized for their large-sized flowers. Let's also mention Campanula latifolia var. macrantha whose flowering spikes, sometimes reaching 1.50 m in height, are adorned with long violet bells measuring 4 to 6 cm.  Korean Bellflower (C. takesimana) which has tubular corollas measuring 5 cm, with a satin-like lilac-pink exterior and a darker punctate interior, or 'Sarastro', a superb hybrid with elongated bell-shaped flowers, intense blue in colour, reaching a length of 7 cm . All these perennials decorate flower beds, with their long summer flowering, as well as homemade bouquets. The flower colour varies from white to blue, passing through pink, mauve and violet, depending on the cultivars. Note that Platycodon grandiflorus, also known as the balloon flower, is not a true campanula despite its large 5 cm diameter bells.


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