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Double-flowered Philadelphus

10 results

10  results


The Bush Honeysuckles or Double-Flowered Philadelphus are absolutely charming bushes, nicknamed "Poet's Jasmines", which are covered in white pompoms between June and July. These are varieties such as the essential Philadelphus 'Virginal', with more or less double, but fragrant flowers, 'Minnesota Snowflake', a very vigorous American classic with all its flowers ruffled. 'Alabaster', aptly named, has slightly translucent corollas and possesses all the qualities of old varieties. For small gardens, compact varieties such as 'Snowbelle', a bush that reaches 1.50m (5ft) in all directions and is covered in "snow" in May-June, are a good option. And for the terrace, consider Philadelphus 'Pearls of Perfume', very compact, with a very long double and fragrant flowering period between May-June and August.

The bush honeysuckle is a hardy bush with a rural charm, resistant to drought and diseases, which will adapt to any ordinary soil, it is almost foolproof and blooms even in shade. Plant it near the house, but preferably in a free hedge or shrub bed, as it has a rather ordinary appearance outside of flowering.


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